Kite Fest was a hit despite having no wind.  Both kids and adults had to do a bit more running without the wind, but did manage to get several kites up in the air.  The kids also had a lot of fun making their little hand kites.  It was a great day!  We want to thank “Kite Man John” for bringing so many kites for some of the kids that didn’t have any.  For helping them get their kites together.  For starting this event, and for being such an awesome human.  😉  Also, a big thanks to the fun parents that brought their kids out to join us.  As always a huge thanks to Christine & Judy for the help with the hand kites.  


Later that night we did watch the movie “UP” in the Party Barn.  We had a lot of little ones up there this time so we’ve decided to move all future movies to 7 pm.  They all did great, and looked like they were into the movie, but some looked pretty tired after a long day of playing.  Thanks for joining us everyone for this very fun event!

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