Smoker’s weekend was the yummiest event we’ve ever had.  So good!!

Rich won 1st place for the “Smoked Contest.” He made a Pork Belly BLT, Pulled Pork Slider with Memphis Style Barbeque Sauce, Smoked Acorn Squash and Asian Coleslaw.  He won a $50 Gift Certificate to Famous Dave’s and an apron.  Congratulations Rich!!


Carter won 2nd place for smoking a “Shrimp Stuffed Portobello Mushroom with Cream Cheese.”  He may be young, but an excellent chef!  He won a set of spices to keep on cooking.  Congrats Carter!


Annie won 3rd place for her “Swineapple.”  It was smoked short ribs wrapped in bacon and stuffed in a pineapple. She won some meat claws.  Congrats Annie!


Natalie won 1st place for the Dessert Contest.  She made “Carmel Chocolate Nachos with a Fruit Topping.”  So yummy!  She won a $30 Gift Certificate to Dairy Queen and an apron.  Congrats Natalie!

Karen won 2nd place for her “Triple Berry Pie” on the grill.  The judges raved about it!  Karen won some grill gloves.  Congrats Karen!

Christine won 3rd place for her very tasty S’more dish.  She won a recipe book for cooking more yummy things on the grill.  Congrats Christine!


This was so much fun, and we were excited to see so many come up to enjoy the tasty food.  It was also great to see young ones get involved in the cooking as well.  Congrats to our winners.  Thanks to all who participated.  A special thanks to Joe, Matt & Debbie for being our judges.  Everything was so good, and even though they enjoyed the yummy eats, I know they had a hard time picking the winners. 

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