We had our 1st nature class and hike last Saturday.  We had so much fun with the kids!!

We started out in the Party Barn with all the nature items.  We added a few things this year, and managed to get some of the tadpoles that Max saved from the pond that was drying up.  The kids had a great time playing with the tadpoles and all the nature materials.  My apologies to the parents that ended up with tadpoles.  Hey, at least I didn’t send anyone home with a puppy.  😉


After we played with all the cool nature stuff we went out to plant pumpkins.  We need a lot of pumpkins for the End of Year Kid’s Camp Party.  We thought it would be great if the kids could see how we plant the pumpkins and then watch them grow.  They can feel a sense of pride knowing they grew the pumpkins they are painting.  A big thanks to the parents who helped out with this event!

After the pumpkin planting we of course had to go play with Hazel’s goats.  The kids were very good with them and were very calm.  The goats really enjoyed all the attention.  

Once we had our goat-fix we headed into the woods on a “Nature Scavenger Hunt.”  The kids really got into it.  Many decided that not just a little stick would do, but giant branches or tree stumps.  They were funny, and we had a great time laughing with them. 

At the end of the hike they weren’t quite ready to go back yet.  They wanted to do one of our projects from last year.  They had to pretend that a magic rain came down and shrunk them down to the size of their little pinky finger.  We discussed what they would need to live in the woods if they were that size.  They shouted out that they needed shelter to protect them from predators and the weather.  They quickly got busy building their homes. 

We sure have some creative kids!  A couple adults really got into it as well.  I couldn’t believe how different each one of the homes were.  

We had such a great time, and are so happy to have such great kids to spend a morning with.  

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