We had a great weekend and finally some great weather.  We had our Earth Event at In The Pines last Saturday.  Ron and I had so much fun hanging out with our camp kids.  They were all so respectful, hard-working and had a lot of great questions.  I hear quite often how worried people are about our future world with “kids these days.”  Let me tell you… As long as our world includes kids like these, then we have nothing to worry about.  They are a true joy to have around, and I feel so lucky to be able to spend mornings like last Saturday with them.  🙂

We started out by planting Jamie & Bobette’s tree.  Ron taught them how to plant it, and guided them through the steps.  They were hard workers and listened really well.  

Then we headed over to plant Bill & Kathy’s Maple.  By the time we got to the site the kids were old pros.  They really paid attention and did this one mostly on there own.  We even had an extra little helper join.  Little Quinn came over to help and the kids were happy to see her dig in.  

After the tree planting we headed back to the party barn to learn all about starting our own worm compost bin.  We learned all about worms, and how great composting is for our environment.  The kids laid down on the floor and made the largest earth worm ever found.  It was found in South Africa in 1967 and was 22 feet (wish I had a picture of what the kids faces were after they saw how long it was-too funny!).  The kids had a ton of great questions, and we conquered some fears.  One of the kids who “HATES” worms held a worm not once, but twice.  He was completely against touching worms, but after a bit of cheering in his corner he was a great sport.  Even though we couldn’t get all the kids to touch the worms I think they learned a lot, and really dove into the project.  They had a lot of questions and really got their hands dirty.  They are a great group of kids.  All of you camp parents should be proud.   🙂


After the event we gave some kids some wooden snakes donated from some of our campers, Becky & Ron.  We pretended they were big earth worms.  Thanks guys!  The kids loved them!

Later that night we enjoyed watching Wall-E on the big screen.  We had some yummy worm dirt for the kids and some popcorn for all to enjoy.  It was great to have so many of you join us.  🙂


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