Halloween at In The Pines

We had so much fun with everyone yesterday.  Some very cool costumes and site decorations!!  A lot of the adults were even dressed up.  Thank you to the campers who handed out the candy to the kiddos, and the many adult treats as well.  Your sites were “Bootiful!” We had a lot of fun!!  We were bummed that everything was too wet for the BINGO, but I’m not complaining because at least it stayed dry for the Trick or Treating and Movie.  A big thanks to the Jolly’s for getting the movie on, and to Paul for the bonfire.  It was nice and toasty, and the hot beverages were delightful.  Enjoy the Pictures. 🙂

(Please send pics if you have them.  I have a lot of the people I was Trick or Treating with, but would love to post the ones you have)



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