A Carnival Comes to In The Pines



Last Saturday there was a wonderful Carnival at In The Pines for all the kids in the campground.  Who knew we had so many kids at In The Pines?  They must be such well-behaved kids considering I don’t even notice how many we have.  40 kids showed up to try their little hands at the Carnival games.




They sure had a lot of games!!  All the old favorites… mini-golf, balloon pop, ring toss, knock over the cans, and the duck pond to name a few.  My personal favorite was always the duck pond.  You always won a prize, and I didn’t have to show off my athletic (or lack of) ability.  They even had the game where you win a goldfish.  How clever that they gave away goldfish crackers instead of real fish.  This was nice considering the fact that not only am I not very athletic, but I somehow can’t seem to keep fish alive.  All the kids won a ton of prizes!  You will see that many of my pictures have parents with arms full of their kid’s goodies.   They had such a variety of fun things including giant balls for the kids.

They also had the yummy Carnival food.  Snow cones, cotton candy, hot dogs, popcorn and nachos.  Yum!!!   A very personal and special thanks goes out to them for including my kids and a couple of the other camp kids that have allergies.  They made special popcorn for the kids with a dairy allergy.  They also left out the nutty treats that you may find at a Carnival so that the allergy kiddos could also join in the fun.  My kids were so excited to find that they could eat the food, and I had a few parents come up and tell me how wonderful it made them feel to be included.  Those with the allergies join me when I say this was such an incredible gesture on the people putting the Carnival together.  You truly are wonderful people to have taken the time out to do this.




Speaking of wonderful people… I would like to mention again that this event was put on entirely by our campers.  Christine Jolly, Super-husband Rick Jolly and Judy (Christine’s awesome Mom) came up with, and executed this idea of having a very cool Carnival.  Nikki Schuldt and Nancy Smith were also instrumental in getting this Carnival off the ground.  These ladies shop all winter for the wonderful prizes that the camp kiddos take home.  They ask for nothing in return except for the smiles they see on our little campers faces.  They are finally putting out a donation bucket after many suggestions from a few of us wanting to give back.  They wanted me to give a big thanks to those of you that donated on Saturday.  It really helps them with all the prizes.

We also want to thank all the volunteers that came out to man the booths and help set up on Saturday.  What a wonderful group of campers you are to have given up an afternoon for all of these kids.  We even had a new camper come to help even though she just moved in that morning.  Thanks Karen!!  I’m sure you had a lot of things to do that day to get settled in.  It was great to see you join in.

Enjoy the pictures!!  A big thanks to those of you that sent me some photos to add to mine.  We had so much fun, and hope to see this event again in the future.


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