“Winter at In The Pines”


20160204_134941I see many camp memories through my camera lens.

When I walk the camp paths through the wintry snow,

I remember how I laughed and made new friends.

Then the season came to an end and I had to watch them go.


20160204_135022It seems lonely without the Campers all around.

I see icy roads and heavy snow upon the trees,

With unused possessions scattered on the ground.

So I try to imagine something different than a wintry breeze.


IMG_4258I start to walk along the snowy pathway

Picturing the crunch of snow gone beneath my feet.

Instead I hear the tree frogs singing today,

The smell of grass, and the birds trilling a tweet.


IMG_4272I walk to the closed up pool,

And instead of the snow covered top.

I see it filled to help campers cool,

While kids jump in with a little plop.


IMG_4270I look at the In The Pines Tiki Bar,

But do not see the cold and icy doors.

Instead I smell Pee Wee’s cherry jar,

And hear the dancing on the floors.


IMG_4284I walk a little further with the sun upon my face,

And pretend I see a camper sunning in the heat.

I don’t think when our campers stay in this place,

That they miss the cities narrow street.


IMG_4298I see a boat sitting in a site

Covered with ice and cold.

I know it yearns for a summer night,

And the sunsets that shimmer like gold.


IMG_4310I walk past the Memorial Garden Site,

Filled with rocks for the campers that have passed.

Soon the flowers will rise up so bright,

And loved ones will come with memories that will outlast.


IMG_4329I notice a snow covered bonfire pit,

Looking lonely and obsolete.

I picture it with a crackling fire all lit,

And campers roasting a marshmallow treat.


IMG_4261I pass the In The Pines Playground,

Brightly shining in winters white.

I see the happy kids’ faces all around,

Laughing playfully in delight.


IMG_4313Spring is coming soon I remember,

Bringing a return of our campground friends.

In The Pines will soon fill with laughter,

And exciting plans before summer ends.


10704321_879473492110495_2765643742616911812_oSo I will try and enjoy the wintry cold 

And tell myself the snow is good and fine.

For there is beauty in the winter I’m told,

Though I think none as pretty as a summer at In The Pines.

-Maria Yohn, 2016





4 thoughts on ““Winter at In The Pines” (a winter poem)

    • I will, thank you! We hope to see more of you guys this summer. Stay warm 🙂

  1. Great job! Loozing forward to Spring and our return to the campground. However, it sure looks pretty up there now.

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