Our First Year “In The Pines”

~ The Hennes-Johnson Family

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Our First Year In The Pines (3)   

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How We Got Here

For the past 15 years my mother has had a permanent camping site at a local campground in the Dells area. We would camp there several times a year, but never really felt welcomed.

In the fall of 2013, we decided it was time for my mother’s camper to retire and so the search began. In November, we looked at several campgrounds to find one that matched our personality. We wanted something family oriented for our 3 teens, something close to the river so we could easily launch the boat, and most of all we wanted someplace that felt like home.

Throughout the rest of the fall and winter, we looked at various campers, attended several camping shows, and in February finally made a decision on our Sierra 402QB. With 3 bunks and a pull out in back, a pull out in the living, and a king bed in front, outside kitchen, 4 slides, raised rounded ceilings, and a full bathroom and a half, it was perfect for all of our family.

It was settled, I immediately knew we wanted to make “In the Pines” our new home for our camper. You see, when we were looking at the sites in November 2013, the owners Ron and Maria were very friendly. Even though the campground was technically closed, they took time to talk to us, to show us around and to introduce us to their wonderful girls, Willow and Hazel. It felt like friends we knew for years – right from the start. So Feb 15th, the day after I signed the papers to order our new camper, I called Maria and signed the lease on Site 82.

Spring is here – Time to get started! April 5th , 2014 was the first weekend we could make it to our new home. We knew there would be lots of tree trimming, measuring and laying out the site, bird houses to be hung, and raking (lots of it).


Raking lots of leaves and pine needles!


April 12th, 2014 was a cool and windy day with rain showers coming intermittently. Our determination to get a spring start on our new site, did not fail. A shed to store some of our belongings was the first on the construction list.

Next step, measuring and laying out where the camper and the deck will be

No campsite would be complete without a welcome sign & a firepit Right?

Through wind, through rain, finally the shed is up.

The Arrival – YEAH! May 9th, delivery day for the camper. The delay by the delivery company was nerve- racking but the camper finally arrived that afternoon

Let the real work begin… May 10th, bright and early, the deck building project had begun. By nightfall, half the decking was complete.

Sunday: No day of Rest The second half of the deck was built. Flower pots were planted and 6 truckloads of new stuff were arranged and put away inside.

Playtime… Of course there has to be a little time to relax and play, so we took the kids and the dog boating / tubing the next weekend before cleaning up the yard and laying out the fire pit and fence.

It’s June – Summertime The railings go on the deck the next weekend to keep the kids and the dogs safe. ***************** It’s Time to Plant No better way to beautify the lawn, then adding a flower

June 15th The fence gets started and a new wildflower garden is planted beside the shed.

June 21st The empty lot next door is cleaned and groomed and the driveway is put in thanks to Grandpa Don.

Independence Day = Living Life

~Thanks to our neighbor Rick, we were able to catch this turtle laying her eggs behind our camper.

~ The wildflowers took off, so the garden grew to the back of the shed.

~ The plants beneath the welcome sign were flourishing

End of July: Fence is complete!!!! Almost done with the projects ~ Yippee 🙂

The Finale…The Fire pit goes in. August 10th, we completed construction of the deck around the fire pit.

Time to make new friends at the camping community events, enjoy the pool and the river, or just sit back, relax, & enjoy the view!

It’s Amazing: A Year from what it was to what it is… You can enjoy creating your haven at “In the Pines”

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