So this week I was given these two photos within just a few minutes of each other…

When I looked at each photo, I laughed out loud.  And, even though they were completely different photos…  I had the same thought when I saw each one. My thought was, “That’s exactly the Campground Ron and I wanted to create!” A Campground that makes you feel comfortable doing exactly what you want whenever you stay.
In our tagline for our logo we have the words, “Your Haven Away From Home.” It’s been our tagline or Mission Statement since we created the business. When we started 11 years ago, we had no clue how to run or even operate a Campground. Sometimes we still struggle with decisions that need to be made, but one thing has always been a constant. Since day one, we’ve wanted to create a place where everyone feels happy doing exactly what they want in their “Haven Away From Home.”
I’ve had Campers come up to me and say, “I’m sorry I don’t come to the bonfires or parties, but I work all week and just want to come up, kick back, and relax by the fire.” I’m always surprised when people apologize for not partaking in events. Ron and I would never feel hurt or slighted if you decide that going to camp parties is not part of your camping experience. We talk sometimes about what we would want in our camping experience if we were camping some place. We said we’d probably hang out more with the family and just relax. On occasion we would venture out to some of the bonfires or parties. So believe me when I say… “We get it.”












The Christmas in July event is going on in the Campground right now. Ron and I did not host this event. Truth be told I’m pretty horrible about putting up decorations even once a year. I’m not a scrooge or anything, but just have trouble getting the decoration process started. I would probably leave them up all year if it weren’t for my horrible OCD.  Ha ha!  However, I do love decorations, I love fun, and I love people that try to create fun for others!! Like the lovely lady pictured in the tree outfit above. Christine Jolly is one of the ladies who brought Christmas to In The Pines. It’s a lot of hard work to run an event, and we are thankful for her, and everyone else that tries to add a little more pizazz to our Campground.
We are also equally thankful to those of you that recognize In The Pines as a place that can be whatever you want it to be. We have such a vast group of people with so many different personalities and experiences. Ron was in the Navy and traveled all over the world. He’s seen and done a lot of worldly things. I was lucky enough as a kid to travel all over this great Country we live in, but have stuck pretty close to home. I pride myself on being a loyal Wisconsin girl and have no plans to ever live anywhere else. However, I’ve always envied Ron’s past a little just because of the people he’s met. I really want our girls to know that not everyone is just like them, and that’s okay. So maybe I won’t travel to the people, but I will instead bring them to me.
The other day I had a camper say to me, “It’s true that there are other Campgrounds around that do have more amenities than you, and we know you have plans to put more in. None of that matters to us. The reason we LOVE it here is because of your people. You have the very nicest campers that we’ve ever encountered.” I completely agree with her statement, but do wonder how that happened? We have such a variety of personalities here, and yet you are all so friendly. We really appreciate the neighborly atmosphere you’ve all created at In The Pines.
So… to the laid back, the partiers, and the party planners. We just want to say that we are thankful you are creating your “Haven Away From Home” exactly how you want it to be. We, at In The Pines Seasonal Camp-Resort wouldn’t want it any other way.



Christmas In July Schedule: Activities for July 25th
  • 10:30 a.m. – Kids Crafts: Decorate a stocking and Santa will hand deliver your stocking full of toys and treats to your site (for kids that were not able to participate on the 18th) Ornament decorating – Make some crafty ornaments to give as presents. This will take place at Site #45.
  • 7:45 p.m. – Golf Cart Parade & Santa Stocking Delivery: Decorate your golf cart and meet us at the sandbox as we begin a golf cart parade through the campground to view the Christmas decorations & lights. Santa and his favorite elf will be delivering the filled stockings to the kids that participated in the earlier event.
  • 9:00 p.m. – Outdoor Movie: After the golf cart parade, join us by the pool for movie night. The feature will be “ELF” starring Will Farrell. We will also have cookies and hot chocolate to celebrate the end of Christmas in July.

A big thanks to Christine Jolly,  Nancy Smith & Nikki Schuldt for hosting this event.  They are pictured below.  Also a huge thanks to their helpers.  I know their were some that chipped in when they needed an extra hand.  

Also a huge thanks to Santa & his Elf (Paul & Cindy Gorectke). It was 90 degrees and you guys were great sports with the sticky weather. Thank you!!

xmas 25

Last, a big thanks to Rick Burroker (his feet pictured below) & those of you that either send me photos or let me steal them. Ha ha!!  You’re awesome, and please keep them coming!

Rick 1




















































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