IMG_8347Yay!!  We just had our first bonfire of the season!!  We were lucky, because we finally had a break from the rain and were able to get together with good friends.  Many, many laughs and a great time catching up.  Though I have to say the line of the night was…

Thank God Winter is finally over!

Our family would have to agree.  It was one of the worst winter’s ever and we are ready to move on to warmer weather, and a lot of sun.  I say that as I write next to a view of it raining cats and dogs outside of my office window.  Ah well, at least it isn’t snowing!!

We will also be planning a “Grand Opening” for the pool, and some sort of celebration for our 10-year anniversary.  We will let everyone know when that is as soon as we figure out some sort of completion date for the pool.  This rain isn’t assisting in that at all.  We need to fill the pool, but not with rain water.  *sigh*

We hope you enjoy the bonfire pictures more then our campers enjoyed my bright flash.  Hee!  Hee!  Hee!  Sorry guys, but I have to take the pictures.  I love capturing all the fun for everyone to see.  And to be fair, I did have Ron take one of Lisa and I so that I could also experience the flash.  We were photo-bombed by two little midgets.  Also, Ron had to take like 8 pictures of us to get the camera to work.  Not sure if that is “flash payback” or not?  Hmmm….

We were so excited to see some new campers join us, and really missed all of the campers that couldn’t make it.  We have a few that made it to just about every fire last year, and believe me… we missed your voices and laughter around the fire.  You know who you are.  🙂  May is such a busy month for everyone with graduations, weddings and just trying to thaw out from the winter weather.  We hope to see you all at the next bonfire on the 2nd Saturday of June.  All of our community bonfires take place on the 2nd Saturday of the month.  I will try to post a reminder on facebook a little earlier next time.  I apologize for not doing it sooner this time, but the weird weather has me thinking that we aren’t as far into the season as we actually are.  So thankful summer has officially started here at In The Pines!



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