At In The Pines Seasonal Camp-Resort we like to remember the campers that have left us.  We miss them and want to keep remembering them as we camp on.  So in honor of them we’ve put together a small Memorial Garden.  I painted the two rocks that we have in the camp garden to remember two very wonderful men.

The first being a Mr. Bob Kuzik.  Bob was one of our very first campers, and he was a hoot!!  Always smiling and always laughing.  He was an amazing fisherman who would catch tons of fish and then cook them up for the end-of-the-year party.  He never expected anything for doing the cooking.  He just liked to see how much everyone enjoyed all of his yummy fish.  Unfortunately, Bob passed away from cancer and hung up his fishing pole.  He was in good spirits all the way until the end, and we miss him at In The Pines Seasonal Camp-Resort.

We sadly lost Mr. George Dolan to cancer after that.  George was also quite the jokester and had wonderful stories.  He was intelligent and someone we liked to go to for a bit of advice.  He was friendly to all and had many friends.  He was loved by those around him and always seemed thankful for every breath he took.  He had a great laugh that always seemed to have a bit of mischievousness right behind it.  He knew how to party with the best of them and truly loved his family and friends.  He is missed by his In The Pines Seasonal Camp-Resort family.

The camp garden really is a group effort and we welcome anyone that wants to help out with the garden.  Ron put the garden together and Pat Kuzik (Bob’s wife) and another camper by the name of Betty O. and I planted it together the first season we had it.  It was very healing and I really felt like Bob was right there with us.  We managed to keep the flowers blooming that summer despite my horrible green thumb, and the help from these wonderful ladies.

Now we are lucky enough to get the help from some campers who have done a remarkable job of transforming it from a little garden to a true masterpiece.  Judy and Darryl Gasser have replanted the garden with beautiful flowers that bloom just perfectly in that little spot.  They take great care in planting flowers that the bunnies or deer won’t nibble on.  They are knowledgeable about planting the best flowers for that area based on the sun and soil.  So thankful for them!

Tony and Cathy Oswald are also a huge help to the garden.  They helped with making it look beautiful surrounding the garden.  They help water it and Tony cuts the grass around the garden to keep the bugs down and it looking nice.  We appreciate all the help from our garden helpers.  I think Bob and George would appreciate it as well.

Copy of IMG_2114 - Copy

Pat Kuzik & Betty O. helping me plant the first year in memory of Bob Kuzik.


Judy & Darryl Gasser, Master Gardeners!


Tony & Cathy Oswald. Master grounds keepers!




We miss the ones that go before us, but hope this special little corner of the campground will bring peace to those needing to feel close to their departed loved ones.  Until we see you again Bob and George.


One day I finally realized that I didn’t have to let go of my loved ones, they are A PART OF ME.  The day is etched in my heart forever.  ~Angie Cartwright



In The Pines Seasonal Camp-Resort


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